About FOAF

Flavour of Art Foundation is a unique creative endeavour by a few passionate Delhi College of Art Alumni, with a mission to revive the beauty of Art amidst today's digital chaos.

Registered with the Government of India as an NGO, Flavour of Art Foundation is committed to make a positive difference in the lives of people through Art. Our aim is to bring Art in mainstream education from its current 'hobby' status and raise awareness about Art in our techno-centric society. Our core team of experienced Art professionals are constantly encouraging students who have the talent and the urge, but lack requisite encouragement, support, guidance and an enabling environment to pursue their passion in Art. So that they not only realize their dreams, but also are able to make a meaningful career in various fields of Art. For under-privileged, talented students, Flavour of Art imparts free guidance and training to help them enhance their creative skills and eventually attain a desired level of competence.

Flavour of Art Foundation is the only organization to start the concept of Outdoor Sketching involving all age groups- School Students, Art Teachers/Professionals, smart Home-makers to Corporate Professionals, to begin with in Delhi.

We sincerely believe, Art's the Way…to bring about a creative revolution in our society with a host of Art related activities and symposiums.