Art, the most basic and earliest form of expression, communication and recording history, was once accessible to all ....... Ceramics, Sculpture or Paintings - forming the most vital material culture of all societies, across the globe. Every script is an art form and mostly all rituals have an element of Art in them. But sadly, Art is today limited to the possession and understanding of only a miniscule minority of our society. It is gradually getting overshadowed by modernization and digital onslaught in every sphere.

Flavour of Art Foundation

Flavour of Art Foundation (FOAF) is a unique creative endeavour by a few passionate Delhi College of Art Alumni, with a mission to revive the beauty and understanding of Art in today's Digital Chaos. Our society is losing focus, far away from the sense of self ..... the financial and scientific world taking over ..... leaving very little room for subjectivity. The emphasis on evolution, history, study of human life and emotion seems to have been negated.

ART's the WAY

Flavour of Art Foundation' aims to create awareness about Art and guide those who have an interest and create an 'enabling environment' for anyone who wants to learn or be associated with any aspect of ART by developing on five key components - Art Awareness, Art Weekends, Art Careers, Art Tourism and Art Support to make Art a WAY of LIFE again.

Art Awareness:

Since there is limited understanding of art amongst masses, our aim is to create awareness and highlight and bring forth the relevance of ART in human society. By organising Exhibitions, Talks on Art History with visits to Museums, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops etc., our endeavour is to encourage interaction of professionals and students from all backgrounds to meet and learn from each other.


Art Weekends:

Every Sunday, we organise Sketching, Water colours and Photography at different locations across Delhi in order to facilitate creation while being close to nature and heritage. Senior artists and professionals are always around to guide people – right from students to working professionals to housewives – anyone who is interested in learning and practicing art. Very soon, we shall have modules for Life (Human Anatomy)study, Still life (Object drawing), Foliage Study as well.


Art Careers:

What can students do with a degree in Art? What can they pursue after a BA in a social science subject? How are the social sciences or even pure sciences related to Art? What kind of research based and skill-based careers can one pursue with these? 'Flavour of Art' shall give guidance based on aptitude profiling, so that students can make an informed choice of career. Be it in Advertising & Graphic Design, Painting, Sculpture, Animation, Photography, Web Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design or Film Making. We will provide training programmes in various fields of art, giving hands on experience and confidence building programmes to communicate with the world and beyond.

Art Tourism:

India is a land of many cultures and has a lot to offer by way of Heritage, Nature, Spirituality etc. Flavour of Art has specially designed Art Tour circuits, ranging from 3-day weekend trips to historical cities like Agra & jaipur and a Week to Two Weeks trips for Art students/institutions from India and Abroad, in various states of India – in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, conduct and facilitate 'On location workshops'. Flavour of Art intends to provide the experience of exploration, adventure, observation and sharing of ideas and techniques amongst people who are sensitive and keen in the field of Art.


Art Support:

Probably the one aspect that we are most committed to, there are many talented Artists who have lacked patronage or opportunities, Flavour of Art Foundation shall organise group exhibitions and promotions to encourage budding talents. Then there are those who are in crisis, this organisation will support them using their collective resources and contacts, helping those in need, whether in their profession or in their personal lives.