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The FoA Club Membership

The FoA Club is formed by the Flavour of Art Foundation for its members, to enroll and engage them in various activities in the field of Art. So that they get continuous exposure and guidance to excel and make a positive difference in their lives with Art.

Membership: An individual has to become a Member of FoA Club to be eligible to participate in various activities and avail the benefits.

Eligibility: Any Indian citizen with an interest and talent in Art is eligible to become a member of the FoA Club by duly filling the application form.

Membership Categories

The FoA Club offers 3 categories of memberships.
1. Green
2. Blue
3. Purple

Membership Fees (Annual):
Green: Rs.6000/-
Blue: Rs.7500/-
Purple: Rs.9000/-

Validity: All categories of memberships are valid for 1 year, renewable every year.

Spot Member: A non-member can be a guest participant in any activity by paying a Spot Fee.
Spot Fees for attending Sketching Sundays is Rs.150/-. Spot members won’t enjoy discounts on any other paid activities or events.

Family /Corporate Discounts: Two individuals joining together get a discount of 5% each. 3 get 10% and 4 get 15% discount on their Annual Fees.

Referral Discount for Members:  Being a member, one can get discount on their annual fees, e.g.  5% for referring 1 member, 10% for referring 3 members and 15% for referring 4 members and so on.

Student Discounts: Students can avail up to 33% discount on annual fees in all 3 categories. No group discounts for them in any category.

Activities & Events of the FoA Club

Various Activities & Events are being conducted by the FoA Club, round the year. These are:
• Sketching Sundays
• ADDA (Art Discussions, Debates & Appreciation) Saturdays
• Art Walks
• Art Tours (within India & Abroad)
• Art Symposiums/Seminars
• Art Lectures
• Art Workshops
• Art Exhibitions
• Music Meets (Get-together of Members with family & friends)
• Festival Meets (Get-together of Members with family & friends)

Membership Benefits of the FoA Club

Every FoA Club Member can participate in all the Activities & Events conducted by the Club round the year, enjoy various privileges and avail various discounts.

•  Discounts on Art Tour packages: 10% for Green. 15% for Blue. 20% for Purple category. A Resource member will get 25% discount.
•  All members get discounts at Art Stores. Stores are being added to the list regularly. Member also get discounts in certain restaurants.
•  Priority Invitation Passes reserved for Art Seminars/Symposiums. 30%, 25% & 20% for Purple, Blue & Green categories respectively.
•  Priority Virtual Wall Space & Duration on FoA Gallery on website for exhibiting work.
•  Discounts on various Art Courses & Workshops conducted by FoA.
20%, 15% & 10% for Purple, Blue & Green categories respectively.
•  Discounts on various courses at the upcoming Indian Institute of Art & Communication. E.g. ‘Discover the Artist in You’ programme. 20%, 15% & 10% for Purple, Blue & Green categories respectively.
•  Free 30 days entry on Resource Exchange. Discounts thereafter.
•  Priority on International Art Exchange Programmes.
•  Special Student Budget Packages in Art Tours.

Other Benefits for the FoA Club Members

•  Access to  OUR ART STUDIOS where you can meet other artists, share ideas, see works by others, foster creativity and enjoy a unique camaraderie.                                     
•  Opportunities to show your work and meet patrons at events such as the members exhibition.                           
•  Monthly dinner meetings for Club Members, with after-dinner presentations of special interest.
•  Opportunities to get involved in creating and planning exhibits, running workshops, learning of events through a monthly newsletter, facilitating archival research and maintaining an art collection.
•  The Club is run by its membership – artists /practicing artists.
•  If you instruct, lecture or run art related events, membership gives you an opportunity to share marketing ideas with leading area artists, gallerists and other potential participants.
• The satisfaction of knowing you are helping support an organization  that fosters the appreciation and creation of the visual arts.

Note: No individual can avail two kinds of discounts clubbed together. The Membership Fees are valid from April 2012 to March 2013.